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How Glitterbug came to be

Glitterbug Burlesque is the creation of Giovanni. Having been in the entertainment business since 2009 working his way up to having his own show Glitterbug, celebrating 10 years of shows in October.'' Giovanni has been involved with the burlesque scene for a decade, during this time he's worked the stage and behind the scenes alongside some of the best known names in Burlesque and show business in the UK and internationally. A sought after promoter and organiser he's hosted many shows in his home town of Leicester where he is now also the proud owner of his own company Glitterbug. Glitterbug events are sell out shows thanks mainly to his ability to bring in the best talent on the circuit today. He has been a major part of the ever growing Burlesque scene in Leicester and is working on spreading further afield with his events company and branching out to include musical events and cabaret. Glitterbug specialises in bringing acts from around the world to the stage that are not only elite in talent they are also highly skilled in their differences. Glitterbug likes to celebrate all the different genres of Burlesque such as Classic, Bump n grind, Cheesecake, Neo, and Comedy etc and often accompanys the acts with side show acts, singers and bands. This helps keep the shows fresh and the crowd not only wanting more but coming back again and again. There is also Glitterbugs little sister BabyBug, this is where the newbies, up and coming performers or dancers that want to try out a new act have a safe place to play and these shows are headlined by a professional star which makes the spots much sought after as it gives newbies a headstart in their career. Everyone loves to attend these smaller shows just as much as the big Glitterbug shows as they are always full of fun and support local talent as much as possible as well as further afield.

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